Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mass of Top Quark calculated

I announce here I have successfully derived the correct mass of top quark, from GUITAR theory.

Before I provide the details, please reference my previous result, where I obtained the correct mass of proton, and the precise mass of neutron, up to 10 decimal places accuracy, using the best known neutron decay lifetime:

As you see in my previous reasoning, the intrinsic mass should equal to the entropy, i.e., the logarithm of number of intrinsic states, divided by ln(2). For proton, it's ln(2*(1*1! + 3*5! + 7!))/ln(2).

For top quark, I figured out due to confinement, it's number of intrinsic states are

Omega = exp(4*PI/alpha), with alpha being the well known fine structure constant.

So the mass of top quark is:

Mt = ln(Omega)/ln(2)

Mt = (4*PI/alpha)/ln(2)

That value agrees with experimental value completely.

Keep in mind I am using the natural unit set in GUITAR, in which the fundamental mass unit M0 equals to electron mass divided by alpha, i.e., about 137 times electron mass.

Mt = (4*PI/alpha)/ln(2) * M0
Mt = (4*PI*137.03599911/ln(2)) * M0
Mt = 2484.386 * M0
Mt = 2484.386 * 137.03599911 * Me
Mt = 340450 * Me

We know Me (electron mass) is 0.511 Mev. So that gives the top quark mass to be:
Mt = 340450 * 0.511 MeV = 173970 MeV.

That completely agrees with the experimentally measured value of 174 GeV, within experimental error! See:

I further predicts that there will be a first excitement state right at
Mt' = (6*PI)/alpha

which figures to about 180.88 GeV.

I shall provide more detail later, plus calculation of other quarks. But any one with a calculate can verify the above result in one minute.