Friday, March 04, 2005

Don't become a scientist

I originally posted this on Peter Woit's BLOG. But I figure I want to keep a copy here in case it's lost or be deleted.

Peter is one of those few scientists "in the circle" who is able to speak out about something wrong with the state of theoretical physics research nowadays. For that I admire him. But while he sees problems with the establishment theories. I am a bit take back that he is NOT willing to look at some alternative approaches and make some judgement. In another word, just like one of his criticizer criticized, he has nothing to add or offer on top of criticizing string theory.


You are going to have a miserable life with little achieved, if you want to get into the field of theoretical physics research. As the state it is it is unlikely going any where until something is changed. You can not afford to waste your life on a pursuit that every indications show it's not going any where within your limited lifespan.

Please read this:

And read this:

And this, too, to open your mind a bit:

And this, to see what exile scientists are like:

It is completely possible to make a much easier and more comfortable living on something more connected to reality, while at the same time pursuit some interests in fundamental physics research, with total freedom of mind, like I do. Einstein was a very young (26) amateur "crackpotist" who barely graduated from college, and would be unable to publish anything on today's ARXIV, when he made some of the greatest discovery in human history, within a period of just one year. Relatively, his professional career in his second half of lifetime achieved virtually nothing. See my blog:



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