Thursday, February 10, 2005

Eddington and Other Scientific Frauds

The science community needs to set its record straight! It has been brain-washing the young generations by glorifying scientific frauds committed in the history, some by the most distinguished scientists.

The so called Eddington 1919 solar eclipse experiment is one of those frauds. It allergedly claimed to have confirmed the prediction of Einstein's general relativity. Many people have repeated pointed out that under Eddington's experimental condition, it is simply impossible to obtain any data that is accurate and credible to show the GR light bending, because the effect is just too small to be observed.

But students were continuously taught that the 1919 experiment was one of the greatest experiments and it "convincingly" verified the GR prediction. It's not just in textbooks. The most respected scientists today also repeated torted the Eddington's 1919 experiment as a great success, see

Why the scientists refuse to set the hostoric record straight?!

I do not doubt the validity of the GR theory and probably believe it even if there hasn't been no experiemental support, as logn as there is no experiments contradicting it either. But whether an experiment is credible or not should not be biased by one's prejudice regarding theories! I carefully reviewed more than a dozen different experiments "confirming" GR, and concluded none of them are any more credible than the Eddington 1919 experiment. Not even the binary pulsar experiment, for which the researchers were awarded the Nobel Prize, was credible. The onlything that can claim tje credibility of data accuracy is the perihelious precession of the Mercury, which unfortunately has been given alternative explanations which are just as accurate.

The so called Casimir Effect experiment was also a fraud. Casimir force could not have been measured using a balanced torque experiment, due to the reason that the Casimir force is extremely sensitive to distance: it is inverse porportion to the FOURTH POWER of the vacuum gap (distance). You CAN NOT find another force which is as sensitive and allow the system to reach a stable equilibrium between the attractive force of Casimir and the balancing repulsive force. See this about Casimir Effect:

The widespread of scientific fraud in today's scientific community is evident once you study the incidence around the so called "cold fusion" a few years ago. We now know it was a complete fraud. But at that time, many, not one group, but HUNDREDS of research groups claimed to have reproduced the effect. Were not because there were still a few honest people remaining in the scientific camp, who dared to question it at all, were it not for those honest people, probably the "cold fusion" would have become a widely accepted scientific "fact" already.

The Big Bang Theory is one such a crackpot theory that gets wide acceptance. Eddington played another infamous role in pushing for its acceptance. We know the Eddington calculated star radiation a long time before CMB was discovered, and he correctly PREDICTED the existence of CMB with an accurate 3K temperature figure. However, later one, for the purpose of promoting the Big Bang theory, which fits the needs of Eingstein's GR theory, Eddington choose to SUPPRESS his own scientific discovery, and never meantioned his star radiation calculation any more!!!

[Note: See this for a detailed description why Big Bang is wrong:]

As I showed, I obtained the completely correct CMB temperature of 2.724K, well within experimental error, since the observed data is 2.725+-0.005K. I used nothing but the assumption that CMB energy came from star radiation energy. Any one who wants to explain CMB as anything other than star radiation, must explain away where does the energy radiated by stars go!!!



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